Co-construction made easy (Issue 8, January 2011)

– A clever idea for reviewing learning

What is co-construction?

It is allowing students to take the learning into their own hands. It is allowing students to develop their own individual thinking patterns. It is allowing students to shape the way our school operates and works.

It is also so much more but these are just some of the key reasons why co-construction is so important in our teaching and learning.

Co-construction, like anything, needs to be scaffolded. We cannot create co-construction in our classrooms instantly. However one very simple way of doing this is to put the power of learning into the hands of the students within the review section of the cycle.

A simple but effective way is to use review cards. The following are examples I have used recently:

–          Today I have learnt…

–          The skills I developed today were…

–          The outcomes of today’s lessons were…

–          I have…

Review cards can also be subject / module specific with specific sentence starters given to students to allow them to show you “what” they have learnt. These cards allow students to think about what learning has taken place in the lesson.

It also hands over control of the review to the students, allowing them to offer information to do, each other and themselves. Having a generic bank of cards also allows us to select cards for each student enabling us to differentiate and really personalise those all-important reviews.

Jen Hill

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