Show us your money (Issue 7, Conference June 2010)

The subject matter of this article (teaching enterprise skills to pupils) seems particularly pertinent at this point in time given the current state of the European and British economies.  Society sorely needs these entrepreneurs of the future! – Ed.

– Pitching to the Dragons develops many skills in ICT

In ICT one of the units of coursework involves students working in teams on an enterprise proposal to raise awareness fora campaign.

They have to create a successful strategy that will persuade people to offer their support and fund the campaign. Students have free choice over the campaign and they have chosen to raise awareness of knife crime, racism in sport, drugs and many other issues.

Part of the campaign involves students producing a range of promotional items that will capture the attention of the public and some of the items could be bought to raise money for the campaign.

To put this into real life perspective students were shown a video clip of the TV programme Dragons Den. They were then asked to produce their own proposal for the Dragons (classmates) and carry out a role play based on the Dragons Den but using their coursework scenario.

The aim was to allow students to see strengths and weaknesses in their proposals under ‘interrogation’. This is also a useful life skill for students who would like to start their own business in the future to give them an insight into how rigorous their proposals need to be.

After watching the video clip the class were broken up into groups of 4. One group were chosen by the teacher to be the Dragons, one team were chosen by the teacher to present their proposal to the Dragons and the rest of the groups were chosen to come up with a range of challenging questions that would be used by the Dragons during the interview.

The team presenting their idea to the dragons were sent to another room to work on their presentation while the rest of the class brainstormed relevant questions in their groups and then shared their questions as a class to come up with the best 10 questions for the dragons to use. The dragons were also involved in thinking of a range of questions that would be selected.

Students were allowed 20 minutes to prepare for the role play. After the role play all students were then asked how the role play had been successful in allowing them to see the strengths and weakness of their own team’s proposal. They were then asked to discuss one weakness they had identified as a result of the role play and to then work on improving this in their enterprise strategy.

At the end of the lesson students were required to reflect on what they had improved in their strategy that would ensure it would stand up to rigorous investigation if this were a real life scenario. Selected students were asked to share their reflections with the class. As part of coursework requirements students are also asked to write a log every lesson of what they have achieved and to identify problems and explain how they overcome them.

Linda Rowe


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