New from the Marketplace- Humanities à la carte

Humanities à la carte

Sean Crick presented the ‘homework menu’ from the humanities department which has seen a lot of positive KS3 feedback. The menu provides a differentiated set of 9 tasks from which students choose a task. They can work on the task for 2 weeks, which is in keeping with the department’s mark scheme. Of course, these tasks can be supplemented with others as they provide different levels of challenge. This ‘menu’ isn’t only engaging, but it allows the students different ways of expressing themselves- whilst one task could be writing a diary entry, another task could be making a model of a tank. The students are able to explain their learning in a personalised way.

Personalised tasks, however, mean personalised feedback. The department’s simplified home learning feedback makes this possible, as students are marked out of a set criteria, previously explained to the students. The teacher can then write a more personal comment below. This is both efficient and inclusive, no matter which task the students choose to complete.

What will it be- a presentation on Shakespeare or a character profile on a maligned queen?



  • can use different ‘menu’ symbols to represent challenge e.g. three chillies = big challenge
  • important ‘ingredients’ (key words, specific language) are underlined, making expectations clear
  • chance for the students to be more independent in their research. implementation and presentation
  • the success criteria for the marking shows clear progression for both the student and the teacher
  • the menu can be easily changed for each unit


  • inventive tasks need to be…well, invented- but that is what we do!

– Sean Crick


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