Kemp’s Musings

A collection of what Dr. Kemp has been doing, thinking about, reading and musing over the past couple of weeks- food for thought!

Image 1- Hexagons

Key Word LinksJazzing up the old hexagons. This makes planning easy, life easy, and learning. Challenging – lovely!

Image 2- ‘Bridging the Disadvantage Chasm’

bridging the disadvantage

Search ‘Bridging the Disadvantage Chasm’ on the headguruteacher blog. It’s well worth a read. Might get you thinking.

Image 3 – John Holt

john holt

Image 4 – Aim Higher

aim higher

I need to get my aim higher box finished. Surely you’ll never get stuck with extension tasks again?

Image 5 – My Favourite Mistakes

my favourite mistakes

Have a pop at this, it worked wonders for me this month.

Image 6- Starting with the end in mind

starting with the end in mine

Image 7- Pressure

year 11

Our year 11 students are here at the moment. How did you feel when you were doing this?

Image 8 – A spark robin

Definitely need to remember this in the coming month or 3.

Image 9 – Tick allthe boxes

tick box

A tick box for some, a welcome reminder for others? Helped me out whilst on both sides of the fence the other day.

Image 10 – Alert!


Is this encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning? Discuss, or better still, use if you fancy.



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