Literacy Bookmarks by Zoe Taylor

Keeping track of literacy targets can be difficult- for the teacher as well as the student. This was especially tricky in my low ability year 7 English class, where 12 out of 16 students are SEND and- bizarrely- reading ages range from 6 to 15.

Searching for a solution to this problem, Jayne Claydon and I decided to create a literacy bookmark for each student. We wanted a resource that filled the following criteria:

  • We could easily add/amend student literacy targets across the year
  • The bookmark would indicate to students where they should begin their next piece of work, therefore encouraging gold standard presentation
  • Students could independently check their literacy targets following completion of extended writing
  • Both teacher and LSA could work with students to check they had ‘ticked off’ their literacy targets as part of the proofreading process.


At first, targets were generic. For example, students were encouraged to orally rehearse their writing and check their individual spelling list. As the year progressed, Jayne and I could make this more personalised, adding new areas of concern where we saw them develop and crossing off targets that students had met. At the end of the year, we found many benefits to using this system. For example, where Google Docs can be useful to track this sort of data, the bookmarks were ‘live’ and easily visible to students. Additionally, when amending IEPs at the end of the year, we already had a wealth of information on the bookmarks about student literacy targets. I would definitely recommend trialling these literacy bookmarks with key students in your classes- they made a big difference to the way we tracked and used data in the classroom.



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