News from the Market Place- Using Google by Steve Martin

Google Classroom

Steve uses google classroom to mark all his work online, using a rubric to quickly mark the work students have completed on google docs and shared with him. Steve asks his students to complete all their work on Chromebooks. To show progress to Ofsted, the students complete a cycle. Every three lessons, Steve plans a feedback session in which students have to work on the comments that has been made on their word. All work is date and time stamped, so students have to do the work.


The media department have been using google docs for four years and the advantages are obvious, as listed below:

  1. Google drive is universal and can be accessed anywhere, on any device, at any time (perhaps not always an advantage…)
  2. Teachers can immediately check who is working and who is off task
  3. Very organised, no more messy folders
  4. No work goes missing when students have home learning
  5. Uniform work, teachers can ensure gold standard work
  6. Work that is overwritten by accident can be restored

Try google docs today!



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